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What would you ask for if you had access to a magic lamp that could grant you any wish?

Start making your list...

The 2012 Transformation
& Life-Mastery Program

by the Coach who

- It is NOT "life coaching"...
- It is NOT "motivational" training...

-It is NOT "positive thinking*"...

(*Actually you will learn why most of these do NOT work)

  • Are you disappointed by most "self-help" and "positive thinking" programs and courses that do NOT deliver as promised?

  • Do you wish to find a HONEST, LEGITIMATE and KNOWLEDGEABLE Coach who understands, motivates and guides you all way towards self-mastery and success, WITHOUT CHARGING A SINGLE CENT IN ADVANCE?

  • Are you looking for direction, clarity, discipline and precise goal realization strategies?

  • Do you need to eliminate self-sabotage, low self-esteem and the negative states that hold your life back?

  • Are you interested in programming your higher mind for massive success and guilt-free power?

  • Are you desperately trying to find a method of self-mastery and personal transformation that TRULY delivers, taught by a TRUE specialist with over 20 years of real life experience?

  • Do you want to be SAFE by knowing that you will pay ONLY if you are 100% satisfied with each session?


Wellington is a Personal Mastery Coach and Teacher who charges ONLY for results, not for "trying". So you can experience the power of his Brazilian-American Life Mastery System without any risk...

This NEW and IMPROVED coaching program is his BEST TO DATE. Click here to see the topics of this unique program

Wellington has spent the last 25 years of his life practicing, teaching and perfecting the best self-development techniques from East and West. He started at only 16 years of age, learning from the BEST teacher in South America, with whom he graduated in Parapsychology and the powerful Brazilian Mental Science system at the age of 18.

At the age of 19 Wellington moved to the US in search of more advanced knowledge and was surprised to discover that his skills and knowledge acquired in Brazil were light years ahead of most teachers at that time, thanks to his strong foundation.

Wellington has been dubbed "the Bruce Lee of Personal transformation" due to his advanced skills and natural ability to help people cut through useless practices and produce REAL RESULTS in RECORD TIME.

He has been a pioneer in the field of coaching, self-development and alternative therapies for conducting his practice in a whole new way; He never charges in advance for his coaching sessions, period! His clients are able to take his sessions and pay ONLY after completing each phase, IF they are satisfied and decide to move on...

 This is like having dinner at a restaurant and paying ONLY if you LOVED the food and service!

Now you can experience - RISK-FREE - the power of Transformation Dynamics through his 12-week Phone/Skype coaching program - TD 2012. Click here to see the topics of this unique program

This is a POST-PAID PERSONAL COACHING PROGRAM - AFTER each session you will be sent an e-mail asking to proceed with payment for that previous session - If you decide to drop the program we will NOT ask any questions. You are FREE to PAY ONLY if you LIKE IT or drop the program at anytime.

This is NOT just another "life-coaching" or self-improvement program, but a complete self-mastery course/coaching that will give you the keys to transform any aspect of your life and WAKE UP from the states that have kept you stuck. It brings together the BEST of Brazilian Mental Science, Advanced NLP, Metaphysical Science and much more.

This program will not only give you "a fish for a day", but it will turn you
into a very skilled "fisherman" (or woman)!

Wellington is a REAL teacher and coach, who have been helping REAL people for 2 decades. He has coached people from all walks of life; students, house-wives, business executives, athletes, artists, psychologists, medical professionals, etc. Both in the US and all over the world (Read and watch the testimonials).

He is proud to say that he does NOT do this for the money alone, but for the satisfaction of seeing people improving their lives and experiencing their true power

He will be glad to provide you with a risk-free session and we are 100% sure that you will be THRILLED by the results. You have absolutely nothing to risk.

The Program

Topics & Details



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